“Amsterdam is a nice place for artists; a good mixture of cultures where you can share your creative thoughts. “ – Mladen

MladenThe artwork of the Yugoslavian artist Mladen Jurkovićconsists of portraits,
landscapes and still life’s. Each picture tells his own story and is a mix of fantasy and
autobiographic memories.
By using ‘viltstift’ and marker pens the artist creates colourful drawings in an
impressionistic style unique to Mladen. The white spaces between the lines are as
important as the lines themselves.
When Mladen was a child it was already clear that he had a talent for making art:
I was an artist without knowing it, he remembers. As an adult, while travelling around
in Europe, he started drawing portraits on the streets. After living and working in
Milan, Venice, Rome and London he finely found the right ‘artistic atmosphere’ in
Amsterdam. Here he developed his own impressionistic ‘viltstift style’.

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